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Koala Conservation Program

The future of Australia’s koala population is at serious risk from habitat loss, traffic, dog attacks, bushfire and disease.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is pleased to be partnering with Gold Coast City Council and Wildcare Australia to prepare a koala conservation plan for the Elanora-Currumbin Waters area. This project aims to increase community awareness of threats to koalas and improve prospects for koala survival in our local area.

This program provides Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with an excellent opportunity to work with local government to help ensure a brighter future for our local koala population. It aims to serve as a model for community engagement in other semi-urban Gold Coast areas and Australian coastal regions that are home to koala populations.

Koala conservation is up to us all.

The success of this project largely depends on community involvement. Council needs comprehensive data about local koala populations to develop plans that will help ensure the long-term survival of this species.

Anyone living in or visiting the Elanora-Currumbin Waters area is encouraged to report all koala sightings – whether the animals are healthy, injured, sick or deceased. You can call the koala hotline any time of the day or night on 1300 MY GCCC for assistance with sick or injured koalas and to report sightings, or complete an online sighting form.

Our veterinary staff will play a key role in the koala conservation project as providers of research, statistics and advice, while our keeper staff will assist Council with koala and habitat surveys in the local area.


We are working together to develop an innovative education program involving school visits, awareness campaigns and public information sessions. It is a community engagement program targeting students, families, teachers and community groups.

The education campaign will incorporate the following components:
  • outreach visits to schools
  • school excursions to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • secondary school debates
  • secondary school action groups and champions
  • school fundraising events
  • community information days

Outreach visits

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Education Officers will visit schools in the local catchment area and deliver lessons to increase awareness of koala conservation. Students will be taught how to report koala sightings and how to help protect this iconic species. Information will be delivered by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast City Council and Wildcare Australia.


School students will visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for an exclusive koala encounter. They will visit our Koala Enclosure, learn about koala ecology, care and conservation status as well as ways to reduce threats to koalas in the local area.


Local secondary schools will host a debating competition focused on koalas and habitat protection. Schools and families will be invited to attend debates at local schools and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Action Groups & Champions

Secondary schools will be invited to form action committees and students will be appointed as ‘Koala Champions’ to increase awareness and to raise funds for koala conservation. The Koala Champions will be supported with materials, mentoring and advice.

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